Trenton Makes Music IV: Where do we go from here?

On November 18, 2016, a panel of policymakers and economic development experts joined Trenton Makes Music co-producer Sarah Dash and moderator Kim Pearson to talk about how Trenton’s music history might be leveraged to effect the city’s economic revival. Francis Blanco, chief of staff for the Trenton Mayor’s office, spoke about Mayor Eric Jackson’s vision for arts tourism. Trenton Downtown Association executive director Tom Gilmour reported on his office’s efforts to attract support for concerts and other performing opportunities in the city. Gilmour was involved in the successful effort to attract visitors and businesses back to Asbury Park by marketing that city as a music venue, and he cited a number of similarities between that city and Trenton. Former TDA executive director and incoming Princeton Arts council executive director Taneshia Nash-Laird outlined the arts-promotion initiatives undertaken during her tenure, as well as the opportunities that might emerge from a regional approach to arts development and promotion. Speaking on behalf of artists, Sarah Dash underscored the need for more venues, marketing and promotion.

Photos by Kimberly Ilkowski. Used with permission.

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