Broadcasters and DeeJays

WTSR Radiothon 1984

WTSR’S first Radiothon was held in 1973 and benefited the March of Dimes, raising the substantial (for its time) amount of $2000 .  Over the years Radiothon grew and expanded so that by 1984 it was usually a highly anticipated event on the  then TSC campus.  Looking back, the work that it entailed and that […]

Yolanda Landy Robinson

Yolanda Landy Robinson is a media personality, entrepreneur, event coordinator, author and empowerment coach who regularly covers, stages and promotes events in Trenton, including local musicians and artists. She is the author of the self-help book, “Don’t Be Bitter, Be Better” How to Get Lemonade Out of Lemons” YouTube channel

Lisa Bouchelle

Lisa Bouchelle is a popular performer, songwriter and host of the Comcast Network show Rock Star Kitchen. According to Trenton music history expert Tom Krawiec‘s Facebook page, she is a native of Trenton New Jersey. She frequently performs and collaborates with  other popular New Jersey performers, including Ernie White, John Popper, and Jon Bon Jovi. […]

The Disco Twins: Joseph and Henry Miller

Joseph and Henry Miller were popular Trenton DJs credited with influencing Collins Leysath (DJ Ready Red of The Geto Boys.) According to a December 6, 2016 obituary for Joseph Miller in the Trentonian, they were born in Princeton but moved to Trenton as children. He died in Trenton, on November 27, 2016 at the age […]

Tom Krawiec

Tom Krawiec has spent decades collecting photos and stories about Trenton’s rock-and-roll era. He created the original Trenton Makes Music (since discontinued)  site and still has a Facebook page under that name.  He also curated this selection of vintage rock songs by Trenton artists, as well as this YouTube channel:

DJ Ready Red (Collins Leysath)

Collins Leysath  aka DJ Ready Red (1965-2018) is an original member of the influential Hip-hop group, The Geto Boys.  According to multiple interviews, his mother was a church musician who played popular R&B music at home. He started out as part of Trenton, New Jersey’s disco scene (“I was part of the first Puerto Rican […]

George Bannister

George Luthre Bannister was a radio personality for WBUD-AM one of the major radio stations that broadcasted in Trenton in the during the mid-20th century.  In a 2014 lecture at The College of New Jersey, entertainer Sarah Dash recalled that he was a hit with young people because his nightly program was one of few […]

Ernie Kovacs

From his Wikipedia page: Ernest Edward “Ernie” Kovacs (January 23, 1919 – January 13, 1962) was an American comedian, actor, and writer. Kovacs’ visually experimental and often spontaneous comedic style influenced numerous television comedy programs for years after his death by automobile accident. Many shows, such as Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, Saturday Night Live,Monty Python, […]


From their website: Committed to providing its audience with the highest quality of entertainment, news, traffic, weather and public interest programming, WIMG actively promotes the advancement of the community. Building upon a primarily African-American core audience, WIMG is dedicated to expanding its reach to involve all persons in the appreciation of black gospel music as […]