Lisa Bouchelle

Lisa Bouchelle is a popular performer, songwriter and host of the Comcast Network show Rock Star Kitchen. According to Trenton music history expert Tom Krawiec‘s Facebook page, she is a native of Trenton New Jersey. She frequently performs and collaborates with  other popular New Jersey performers, including Ernie White, John Popper, and Jon Bon Jovi. […]

Ernie White

Ernie White is a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and educator who achieved major-label success, and who continues to attract loyal fans who support not only his music, but also his charitable initiatives for poverty stricken residents of Mercer County. In addition to his own band, White has become known for his work with Sam the Band […]

Bruce Stephen Foster

Bruce Stephen Foster is a renowned songwriter and composer who has played for, written for, and collaborated with some of the most respected people in the music industry. With fellow Trenton native, Tom Marolda, he penned the Grammy-nominated song, “Look Out for Number One,” for the soundtrack of the 1983 film, “Staying Alive.”  He had […]

The Maximizer Camp

From Louinel Jean: The “Maximizer Camp” was established in Trenton in the fall of 2015 by singer/ songwriter Louinel Jean, a graduate student of The College of New Jersey in collaboration with Electrical Engineering student Christopher Hingston Tenev. After a recording session on campus the two started jamming at Tenev’s home studio which culminated in […]

Donald “Pup” Bolding

Donald “Pup” Bolding is a songwriter, guitarist and producer whose talents have taken him from school and church ensembles in Trenton to touring and recording gigs with such hitmakers as Nelly, Case, Deborah Cox and Sarah Dash. He co-produced Sarah Dash’s album, :The Seventh Child, and co-wrote two of the songs.

Adam Blackstone

Adam Blackstone is a renowned bassist, songwriter and producer who works with many of the top names in the entertainment industry. As his website states, He has served as the Musical Director for acts such as Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Maroon 5, Jay Z and most recently he has cultivated the live 20/20 Experience alongside Justin […]

Lon and Derrek van Eaton

From their Wikipedia: Lon & Derrek Van Eaton were an American vocal and multi-instrumentalist duo from Trenton, New Jersey, consisting of brothers Lon and Derrek Van Eaton. They are best known for their association with the Beatles through the brothers’ brief stint on Apple Records, and for their subsequent session work in Los Angeles for […]

Tommy Morolda

From the artists’ website: Tommy Marolda is a respected songwriter, musician, record producer, engineer and music publisher who has appeared on more than 50 albums either as an artist, producer or composer. He has been nominated for a Gammy Award and has worked on gold and platimun albums with artists such as Cher, Bee Gees, […]

Maury Muehleisen

Interactive timeline by Robert Mineroff. Used with permission. Maury Muehleisen was a musician from Trenton, New Jersey and was the lead guitarist for Jim Croce. During their short partnership, the duo produced three albums that are highly regarded to this day and still gain considerable airtime on the radio. When talking about the influence that […]

Clifford Adams

Text by Meghan McEneaney Clifford Adams, the world class trombonist, educator, and cherished friend to many, wasn’t just an artist. He was an inspiration. Adams, a Trenton native, had been suffering with medical issues for about a year and had no health insurance to cover medical expenses. After a battle with liver cancer, he passed […]