Rappers of Trenton

What is the rap scene like in Trenton?

Many cities in the United States are synonymous with the hip-hop genre. Cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta are home to some of the hotbeds of hip-hop on the country, however, a place undervalued for hip-hop is New Jersey.

New Jersey has produced several hip-hop stars from the Wu-Tang Clan to Fetty Wap. Many of these artists come from cities such as Newark, Jersey City, and Patterson but a city often overlooked is Trenton. From Narubi Selah to Wise Intelligent, Trenton has a rich history with hip-hop which has not been revealed and one that can certainly inspire many hopeful rappers in the future. Several hip-hop stars have come either from Trenton or lived in Trenton at one point.

These are ten rappers who have either come from Trenton or who have lived and been influenced by the city:

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